“Why Involvement Is Important”

Here’s an interesting guest post from reader Vanessa Marcié.

Internal communication tells employees what’s happening inside a company. But it’s important to use the right tools, so that staff feel part of it. The more you tailor your tools and your content to your audience, the less likely employees are to try and find information themselves.

When I was working in internal communication for Total, in a pilot site for internal communication tools, I was in charge of developing an internal TV channel.

Only there was a tiny problem, the television screens didn’t work after 10pm. You wouldn’t think that it would matter, but in a refinery with employees working 24/7, it does. The shift workers were not able to enjoy the full potential of this tool.

But that was only part of the problem. After conducting a survey we realized it wasn’t about the tool but the concept; the internal television was seen as a manipulative instrument of  the management.

That’s a great example of why the employees should be part of the project from the early stage.

Properly analysing your audience is key to ensuring the right message gets to the right people via the most effective tool. Involving some key characters of the company at all levels to be part of the communication process can make sure your company shows its transparency.

Vanessa Marcié is a communications consultant specialising in IC strategies and public relations. She has a PhD in communication studies, has managed IC for large, complex companies such as Total and has extensive experience in conducting research, which she has presented at conferences in France and Canada. Originally from the French Riviera but a Londoner at heart, Vanessa now splits her time between England and France.
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