When you glance at your watch, does the second hand ever seem stuck?

It’s a phenomenon called chronostasis, when things appear frozen when you first look at them.

Apparently, your brain tries to guess what it missed while your eyes were busy moving. So it ‘backfills’ the image, making it feel like the second hand is stuck.

I think the same thing can happen in organisations.

As communicators, it’s easy to look at people who seem ‘stuck’ or disengaged and presume that they’ve always been that way, and always will be. We take what we see and ‘backfill’.

But one thing we know from our ‘6As’ behavioural change methodology is that the least engaged people – or most actively disengaged people – were often once some of the most engaged people, and vice versa!

We also know that, if you can turn them on in the right way, even the most disengaged can become your best advocates.

It’s important to see beyond the stopped clock and recognise that it’s sometimes just an illusion.

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