To grok

At General Electric, Jack Welch liked people to know where they were going.

A lot of leaders say that. But there’s a part in Jack’s book that shows how much communicating GE’s strategy meant to him:

Your direction has to be so vivid that if you randomly woke one of your employees in the middle of the night and asked him, “Where are we going?” he could still answer in a half-asleep stupor: “We’re going to keep improving our service to individual contractors and expand our market by aggressively reaching out to small wholesalers!”


There’s actually a verb for the effect Jack is describing: grok. To ‘grok’ something means to intuitively understand it – to ‘get it’ profoundly and intuitively.

Now you know the word, it’s up to you to make it happen.

Ready to work with us?

If you’d like help to make your people grok what’s happening, you need to work with a partner who’s capable of ‘grokking’ it first. We work on large, complex campaigns every week for all kinds of clients – big ones you’ve heard of, and small ones you haven’t. Email me to see if we can help you too.


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