Big Brother research?

I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching Big Brother.
For those of you from another planet, BB is the reality TV show in which a bunch of strangers are locked in a house for months in pursuit of hard cash and celebrity.

I used to be a staunch critic; now I’m a convert. It’s just so compelling to watch such a unique social experiment unfold. 

Surely every communicator finds it fascinating to see how relationships form, which people emerge as leaders, what motivates them, how they react to the various challenges thrown at them and how they cope with change?

This weekend saw Grace get evicted.  For weeks we’ve watched her bitch and back-stab. As a result she became public enemy number one and was, predictably, voted out by text message. If only it were so easy to evict a griping colleague from the workplace. Now that would drive employee involvement (not to mention the corporate telephone bill!)

Given that every workplace has its fair share of back-biters, both male and female, I wonder what the workplace equivalent of BB would be like.  Just imagine it… a bunch of strangers locked in an office, told all about BB’s corporate culture, given a few obscure tasks and basically told to get on with it.

Sadly, that’s exactly what some workplaces are like. Just substitute Big Brother for a CEO or line manager who doesn’t think employee communication is part of his or her role. 

And wouldn’t that environment be the ultimate in internal communication research? A real life lab where you could test messages, track understanding of key initiatives and pinpoint how your communication activities translate into day-to-day actions.   

I don’t think Channel 4 will buy it, but if there’s anyone out there with a nice fat research budget, I’d love to help..…

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