Gatehouse at Google

Gatehouse was invited to Google recently, to give a talk at its London Campus. Ian ran a session called ‘Storytelling for Startups’, showing how to find stories and make them relevant to your audience.

It shows you how to use Amazon, Reddit and Quora to find interesting stories to get your audience’s attention – and how to ‘bridge’ out of them into the thing you really want to talk about.

Here’s the video. If you like this, check out our course Rockstar Copy. We also deliver this in-house (live or via structured webinar) if you have a team of communicators who would benefit.

49s Intro – how to find stories
1:17 Story example – Van Halen and the Brown M&Ms
4:10 Why stories are important
5:51 How to develop a system for finding stories
8:34 Story resource #1 — Amazon Highlights
14:07 Story resource #2 — Reddit
16:10 Story resource #3 — Quote
18:54 Story resource #4 —
18:54 Story resource #4& #5 — and
19:47 Checking for truth
22:10 How to bridge
25:22 Putting the story first
27:40 Three channels for stories

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