Would this valentine email be 'safe for work' today?

10 years ago – almost to the day – I received this valentines email message. It was a collection of anonymous ‘valentines messages’ collected by the internal comms team at Future, a magazine publisher where I used to work. They did this every year. They’d ask staff to send in anonymous valentines messages for other staff members. […]

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State of the Sector 2014 – 2015 is out now

Today, Gatehouse is releasing the latest State of the Sector – our annual survey of the IC profession. The research shows you the core processes and practises that our profession is focusing on – and reveals how your organisation stacks up against the rest of the industry.

Business conference and public speaking concept

Stories: the Secret to Successful Speaking

Public speaking is the #1 fear. No kidding. One of the worst experiences of my life was when I first stood up to speak in front of 200 people. I corpsed, to use the technical term. This happened 10 years ago at a magazine industry conference. The organiser had casually invited me to speak, and I’d casually […]


Conversations at 1 kHz

When you’re in a bar or club with loud rock playing, you have to scream to be heard. That’s because in rock music, most of the energy is right around 1 kHz – exactly the frequency where speech lies. Hip-hop, by contrast, puts most of its energy above and below the mid-range. So when when […]


3 Free Stories to Lead and Inspire

Picture the moment your writing lands in front of your reader. Usually, you’re competing with every distraction under the sun: emails, phone calls, the 40 other tabs in Chrome. How do you cut through? Simple – take your message and tie it to a story. I collect stories that I can use to explain things. […]